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I'm a Malaysian Wedding Photographer based in Sabah. I specialized in actual wedding day photography, portraiture photography.I love capturing happiness in every actual wedding day. I take portraiture and pre wedding session too. I'm a friendly person once you know me. If you looking to engage me, indicate your location and date of your wedding day to my email. Looking forward to meet you. View my OLD BLOG here. Contact me at gilbertwsh@gmail.com or +60 16 8486263. Contact

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  • Archive: April, 2010

    Heading Philippines and KL for a Redninja Camp!

    Sunday, April 18th, 2010

    Tomorrow I will be heading to neighboring country call Philippines. Heard a lot about the place and now I will be experiencing one for myself! Will tackle pork and local delicacies I been hearing about it. Ohh lala… And expect to capture some local architectures looks in Philippine. Hmm, hope won’t be too much food shots. Don’t want to tempt my readers.
    So before I leave, will post some pictures I took lately before a new updates coming next week.
    Pictures below is taken during Easter Day event in Glory Kids Sunday School at my church. This is one of the ministry I serve in and I love each one of them very much. Each and every little kids are God precious. My tonight blog post will be about smiles and laughter. Hope every pictures you see will tickle you too and cheer up your day! :)
    Put some smileys to my comments too ok ya all to keep me strong and continue to post beautiful pictures to show you. Love and God bless.





















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    Creative Session with me in Melbourne, Aus

    Saturday, April 10th, 2010


    I will be in Melbourne from 23 June to 28 July and I really want to have a sweet portrait session with you. If you are interested in having a portraiture session with me just send me an email for more info at kagewong@gmail.com for bookings.

    All the shoots will be outdoor only and it will be cooling and no sweats under the hot sun. How cool is that?

    For first 3 persons who register to have Creative Session will get 50% off promotion of the actual price. All you have to do is tweet “I am a fan of http://bit.ly/asPmW2 photography and having a Creative Session with Gilbert in Melb. @kagewong” or put it as your status in Facebook.

    For every session you can have your loved ones or even classmates to share the cost with you as long it is in the 2hours plus minus. I understand every students would love to have their memories taken professionally while they study abroad. Family portraits and weddings are welcome for inquiry as well.


    See you soon :)

    Wataaa~!!! RedNinja Camp

    Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

    When you see the title above, I’m not going to become a real ninja and forget my photography. It’s all about wedding photography workshop for 2 days at a good deal of only near RM950 with good meals, roof over your head and 6 speakers. 1 from Aussie Perth, Wiki Lee San. BEAT THAT. But I heard the speakers have ninja trainings under their belt so I won’t really mess with their mojo. I hope I will be able to get a free seminar as the air ticket has been killing me.

    Of course for people from Sabah travelling to Kuala Lumpur I will have to fork out another fee just for Air Asia. But its all good in the name of education and improving my skills to capture the awesomeness wedding moments for my clients.

    Previously I spent for a seminar by Joe Mcnally the man himself which really inspired me a lot that the industry does takes more than just passion for camera gears or interest to take good photographs. Its really all about how you can interact with clients and how you handle the shoot in different scenarios throw to you.

    What’s next? Hopefully, after the Ninja Camp I will join Yervant or Jerry Ghionis in his workshop in Melbourne June this year.


    Sayonara Ninjas, till I see you again in KL.

    Check them out at http://redninja.tv/

    Vintage Hilda + Good Friday

    Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

    A recent photo shoot with sister Hilda of mine from the same church in GCC. Portraiture theme where we aim to go for more vintage styles on fashion and editing results. But there is some other editing feeling where I aim according to my likings using some presets. Check out her blog.

    Last month has been doing some shoots assisting Studio 10 in upcoming new church magazine. Went through two interviews with Pfizer and Canon Marketing. Pastor Peter Tan’s ministry. Bridal fair at Promenade Hotel and Beverly Hotel. Visited my buddy George Yong from Jofanna Bridal having a fair in the hotel. Hmm, getting ready for my Philippine trip later this month. Having a photographers time out with Anna & George and other local gangs I can’t wait to meet for a meal and movie this week. Submit application video for Amazing Race Asia 2010. Fingers crossed.

    Have a Good Friday and remember our dear Jesus and Easter celebration this Sunday. Do not forget to go church!

    If you are looking for my contact details for wedding day assignments or portraiture drop me an email kagewong@gmail.com or call me +60 168486263.

    A portraiture below cost RM480 for two different locations. Give me a tinkle if the images tickle you. :)



















    _DSC3641Thanks Hilda for the shot.

    That’s all folk. Get those inquiries coming in. I’m very friendly and I won’t bite. Hehe. Let me think again. hmm…