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I'm a Malaysian Wedding Photographer based in Sabah. I specialized in actual wedding day photography, portraiture photography.I love capturing happiness in every actual wedding day. I take portraiture and pre wedding session too. I'm a friendly person once you know me. If you looking to engage me, indicate your location and date of your wedding day to my email. Looking forward to meet you. View my OLD BLOG here. Contact me at gilbertwsh@gmail.com or +60 16 8486263. Contact

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  • Serri – Creative Session

    A simple creative session shoot in a wine bistro in Kota Kinabalu. With such a nice settings, let’s not waste the ambient and start shooting. Our lovely model Serri did a very good job in composing her facial expression.






    Till then, cheers.

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    4 Responses to “Serri – Creative Session”

    1. munkey says:

      beautiful pair of eyes! :)

    2. Gilbert Wong says:

      Indeed. I can’t agree more with u.

    3. Marc says:

      Ah! look nice. :)

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